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Take a look at the wide variety of available homes in and around central Oklahoma. The fulfillment of your dream may be waiting for you.

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About Norman, Oklahoma – Your Realtor

Norman offers many appealing benefits for homebuyers. First, as home to the University of Oklahoma, the residents in Norman are educated and culturally diverse. Plus, Norman has easy access to Oklahoma City which offers even more entertainment and employment options.

The local Norman government understands the need for continued improvement to the quality of life for residents. As such, they are investing millions of dollars to improve infrastructure to upgrade everything from roads and sidewalks to water and sewer lines.

From retirees to young families, Norman offers something for every walk of life. Norman’s public schools have a reputation for academic excellence. The Norman Parks and Recreation department offer youth sports and other programs to support families with children. In addition, their Senior Center provides activities for adults over 55. Overall, Norman is devoted to community life to keep residents connected and invested.

Norman Realtors Help Find the Right Neighborhoods

Norman is not only a college town but also home to a diverse population of professionals. While Norman has some of the highest home values in Oklahoma, it still offers affordable living options for its variety of residents.

The campus area attracts mostly university affiliated residents. As predicted, most of the student population live on campus or rent homes near campus. This makes investment in rental properties a good choice when purchasing property in Norman. Monthly rental rates in Norman are still affordable when compared to national averages.

Norman has many real estate options for its residents to call home. At The Stiles Company, we help residents in Norman and surrounding areas buy and sell real estate. We’re dedicated to helping our clients navigate the real estate process with your interests first.

Buying a Home in Norman – How our Real Estate Agents Help

At The Stiles Company, we work for you in your home search. We help clients locate the home of your dreams to meet your budget, desired home features and lifestyle. We’re here from the home search through closing to take the mystery out of real estate transactions.

  1. Determine Requirements – Our qualified realtors talk with you to determine your specific requirements for your home search. We start with your preferred neighborhoods and budget. We then determine the timeframe to get you into a new home. We also help you create a checklist of home features, including must-haves and your wish list.
  2. Financing Preapproval – Most homebuyers don’t pay cash when purchasing a home. This means you need financing. We help you identify potential mortgage companies to seek preapproval for a mortgage. This helps you get a realistic understanding of what you can afford when searching for a home. Plus, you’ll need preapproval to make an offer.
  3. Home Search – Your realtor guides you in the home search process. Based on your preapproval budget and requirements we create a list of qualified homes. We also arrange tours for you to see the homes. We’ll work with you to find the right home.
  4. Make an Offer – Once you find the home of your dreams, we work with you to make the offer. The realtor creates a formal written contract for the offer. This protects both the buyer and the seller throughout the transaction.
  5. Negotiate – Your realtor manages the negotiations between you, as the buyer, and the seller. This includes price negotiates, fees, property improvements and timeframes.
  6. Moving Toward Closing – Your realtor ensures the agreed to items are managed before closing. This includes coordinating with service providers for property improvements. This also includes managing the contact deadlines, like for inspections, mortgage approval, escrow payments and more. Overall, your realtor manages the details so you don’t have to.
  7. Closing Procedures and Processes – The closing is one of the most important parts of the buying process. This is the time and process to transfer the deed from the seller to the buyer. It is critical that the right parties are present for the closing. In addition, all paperwork, including contracts and mortgage requirements must be accurately signed at the closing. Your realtor works with the title company, real estate attorneys and the seller’s realtor to complete the transaction.

Selling a Home in Norman – Our Real Estate Agency Can Help

The Norman real estate market, like many other parts of the country, provides solid home values for sellers. The Stiles Company understands the real estate sales process including the best listing prices per market area. We work for you to minimize stress and get you the best price for your home.

  1. Determine Reason for Selling – The first step when selling a home is to understand your motivations. Are you moving out of the area, upsizing or downsizing? Also, what are your main goals? Do you want to sell quicker, or are you seeking the highest profit margin? This helps your realtor understand how to position your home.
  2. Set the Price – Working with a realtor is the best way to accurately price your home based on market comparisons. Realtors also look at the condition of the property and your goals for selling the home to set the price. Your realtor recommends the listing price; however, you have the final say.
  3. Prepare the Home – Part of getting the most for your home is ensuring it’s in good shape. This means you must clean and prepare your home before you list. Your realtor will suggest improvements for the property which you can decide whether to complete.
  4. Market the Listing – Your realtor will arrange for professional photos of the property. Then the listing goes live. Your realtor manages marketing the property, including a yard sign, flyers and online promotions.
  5. Receive Offers – Your realtor acts as the gatekeeper for offers. They will receive the offer and present it to you for consideration. They also negotiate the offer on your behalf. This includes the price, property improvements, fees and more. They then ensure the contract represents your interests.
  6. Prepare for Closing – Your realtor provides a list of contractors to help with any necessary repairs determined from the inspection. The realtor also helps prepare paperwork and other required actions to ensure you are ready for the closing to go smoothly.
  7. Closing Procedures and Processes – At the closing the realtor ensures all the right people and paperwork are in place and managed accurately. At the closing the transfer of funds to pay off your mortgage and/or pay you for the property occurs. At this point, ownership transfers from the seller to the buyer.

We’re Here to Serve You – The Role of our Norman Area Realtors

The Stiles Company ensures each of our team members have the experience and qualifications to serve you. Our realtors understand their role in the buying and selling process. Ultimately, our job is to represent your best interests in any real estate transaction. We work for you!

Norman Real Estate FAQs

How do I find a realtor in Norman if I live out of state?

It’s intimidating to locate a qualified realtor when you live out of state. offers a list of licensed real estate agents in each city. Interview several agents and ask for references. Before you commit to a realtor make sure you talk to them. Real estate transactions require a relationship with your realtor. You want to work with someone that is qualified, has the resources to help you and that you like working with.

Do ratings matter for realtors?

Yes! Ratings are the best way to get a first impression to narrow down your list of agents to interview. While anyone can have a few unhappy clients, it is a red flag if a realtor has low ratings or consistent bad feedback.

What are closing costs?

Closing costs are the fees paid at the closing of a real estate transaction. These fees cover administrative costs. The closing costs include commission, title fees, government fees, and required taxes for sellers and for buyers they include title fees and lender fees.

Do I pay anything upfront to work with a realtor?

Not at The Stiles Company! You don’t pay us until your property closes. Our fees are included in the closing costs. We cover the upfront costs to market the property.

How do I learn more about the Norman area?

We offer links to many resources about Norman and the surrounding areas. Click here to learn more.

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